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Features You Should Know About Android 6 Marshmallow

by R. Manoj

Finally, the new features of the Android 6 Marshmallow are out. Will the new Android OS provide better user experience than the earlier Lollipop OS? Read on to know more …


All android smartphones are judged by the features which are offered by the mobile operating system to the users and latest Android OS is also reviewed in the same process. Since Android is the market leader in the smartphone segment, the excitement that new Android 6 Marshmallow to the users is quite obvious.

On an interesting note, the first Android OS is known as Cupcake and was released in 2007 and since then the company has launched 10 upgrades. Now, the latest one is Android 6 Marshmallow or simply known as Android M. In-case if you are wondering why Android names its versions in a peculiar way, then you would be surprised to know that all these upgrades are named after confectionaries and are named alphabetically.

Let’s have a brief look at some of the features of Android 6 Marshmallow.

New Features

Enhanced App Security: In terms of app permission, the Android 6 has a new feature called app control mechanism that allows the user to have granular control over the permission requirement of each of the app that is installed in the smartphone. During the installation, Android M will grant the applications specific permissions immediately before the app needs it and not in the collective term. This specific app permission feature will enhance the security of the device and will make the user trust the apps a little more because they can now understand why the permission is required for specific apps.

Finger Print Support: From Android M onwards, the finger print features are designed as a built-in feature of the Android operating system. It’s quite obvious that to use the finger print feature of the Android OS, the smart phone should have a finger print scanner. This feature is useful when making secured m-payments using Google Pay.

Web Browsing Experience: For better and smoother web browsing experience, Google recommends to use the Goggle Chrome browser. In the new browser, the user has the option of opening a customized Chrome window on the top of an already running app. This will benefit the user to access both the app functions simultaneously and prevents waste of time by looking at the white screen when they are switching between the running apps and the web. To accomplish this, Google has tweaked the custom tab of the Google Chrome. The tweaked Chrome Custom Tabs also support auto fill password, automatic sign-in, and multi-process security that help the browser to have a secure integration of the app and web experience.

Power Conservation: Since the Android based smartphones are known to consume enormous battery power, Google has come with a new feature known as ‘Dose’ in the Android M. This feature uses the motion sensors integrated in the smartphone to assess whether the smartphone is in use or it is placed in static state. If the smartphone is in idle state, then Android M will automatically deprioritize some background process to improve the overall battery life.

A Brief Conclusion

In addition to these, the new OS also allows users to use various other unique features that are worth trying for an experience of the new mobile technology.

Author’s Info.

R. Manoj

The author is a Senior Editor at Bitstream Mediaworks.
He has an active interest in IT Security.

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