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COVID-19 Cyberwar : How to Protect Your Business

by Jeetu onlyjeetu

Attacks are escalating amid the pandemic — Our step-by-step security guide for action now

While the world struggles with the impacts of COVID-19, cybercriminals see it as an opportunity. Since February, IBM X-Force has observed a 4,300 percent increase in coronavirus-themed spam. Action: Run simulations that model the most likely threat to mitigate any vulnerabilities now.

Cybercriminals are using the coronavirus outbreak to drive their business, with virus-themed sales of malware assets on the dark web and even virus-related discount codes. They are also rapidly creating domains: COVID-19-related domains and numerous phishing scams have emerged.

Organizations that were insufficiently prepared in normal times have been caught completely off guard. In fact, 76 percent of organizations don’t have an incident response plan applied consistently across the organization, according to a report.

During times of crisis, business continuity planning becomes a major strategic asset. Even organizations that are unprepared can take steps to mitigate the impacts and use the experience for future crisis planning.

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